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Painless Root Canals with Anesthesia in Huntington, NY

It’s a common question: Does a root canal hurt? The answer is no. Getting a root canal feels very similar to getting a filling. Most people are absolutely fine with just local anesthesia to numb the area around the tooth.

However, Dr. Richard Marcus and our friendly team understand that some people are very nervous about root canals, have a severe gag reflex, or have a genuine fear of going to the dentist. That’s why we’ve partnered with board-certified anesthesiologists to offer sleep dentistry and other methods of sedation at our dental office on Long Island. Our patients can get a root canal while sleeping and wake up pain-free and with no memory of the procedure.

Can I Get A Root Canal While Sleeping?

The answer is yes: you can get a root canal while sleeping at our endodontic office on Long Island.

There are two types of sedation to help people feel at ease during their root canal procedure. During conscious sedation, the patient remains awake. During unconscious sedation, the patient is put to sleep.

When you come in for first appointment with our root canal specialists, we’ll discuss which type of sedation is best for your particular situation.

Most people are very comfortable with conscious sedation. One of our skilled endodontists will numb the area around the tooth or teeth with novocaine or a topical anesthetic; the patient remains awake and able to respond to instructions. In some cases, the endodontist may prescribe an oral sedative such as Valium to help the patient feel relaxed.

We also work with board-certified anesthesiologists who use intravenous sedation to help patients feel comfortable. A safe amount of sedative is delivered through an IV. The patient remains awake if only a light dose of anesthesia is delivered. The patient will fall asleep if a heavier dose of anesthesia is administered for the root canal procedure.

Who is a Good Candidate to be Put to Sleep for a Root Canal?

People who choose to be put to sleep for a root canal at our Long Island office are people who want to have no memory of the procedure whatsoever. A licensed anesthesiologist with more than 15 years of experience will administer the anesthesia through an IV to ensure the patient remains safely and comfortably sedated throughout the procedure.

People who want to be asleep for a root canal include:

  • people who are afraid of the dentist
  • people who hate the sounds or smells of the dental office
  • people who have a severe gag reflex
  • people who have trouble keeping their mouths open
  • people with special needs
  • people with dementia, including alzheimer’s
  • people who do not get number thorough novacaine or topical anesthetics
  • people with sensitive teeth
  • people who want to have multiple procedures during one dental visit

Dr. Marcus and the other endodontists can coordinate care with a patient’s general dentist so multiple procedures can be completed during the same visit while the patient is sedated. The general dentist will come to Dr. Marcus’ office and cap the tooth with a crown or perform any other restorative work needed while the patient is asleep.

What Are The Benefits of Having a Root Canal with Anesthesia?

There are several benefits to having a root canal with anesthesia in the comfort of our Huntington, New York dental office. If you’ve ever been put to sleep for an operation at a hospital, then you know the benefits first-hand. You sleep through the procedure, and wake up with no memory of it.

Patients who choose to have a root canal with anesthesia delivered via I.V. will not feel anything during the procedure. Plus, they do not remember the endodontist and team talking or the sound of the dental equipment used. They do not notice the passage of time. They simply fall asleep as the effects of the IV sedation take hold, and then wake up with the procedure is completely finished.

The board-certified anesthesiologists we work with at our Long Island office have more than 15 years of experience in hospital-based anesthesiology. You can trust them to monitor your level of sedation to ensure the highest level of safety and comfort.

There is one more benefit to having a root canal while asleep. We can have your general dentist place the permanent crown or any other needed restorative work while you are safely sedated. That’s a huge benefit for people with dental phobias.

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